vulcan coffee plantacion
vulcan coffee plantacion

About Vulcan Coffee

Vulcan Coffee is a registered private limited company, the company’s shares include 4 plantations, the brand and 13 sales offices.
All products under Vulcan originate either from the direct production of Vulcan or partner plantations operating under Vulcan’s main editions.
) Transperent management
) No use of chemical pollutants
) Honest sales behavior
) Skilled handling of 100% organic products

These are the basic pillars of every institution under the Vulcan brand. Vulcan can only be a viable marketable business if all areas work hand in hand. This means trust is the most important principle of the company on which the pillars stand as a foundation.
For you as a customer, this means a transparent fresh and successful company, which as a basic supplier of Guatemalan coffee, our coffee’s are not found among any other worthy organizations. You can obtain genuine Vulcan coffee (green coffee beans) only through Vulcan. This assures you not only the certificate of origin, but also the origin of the said plantations.
Vulcan offers commercial as well as increasingly special coffee for sale. For information about the products, please refer to the product page, as well as the sales information.


Vulcan Main Plantation

vulcan coffee plantacion

The main plantation of Vulcan is 31.4 hectares in size, and offers a variety of varieties including Bourbon, Typica and Caturra.

vulcan coffee plantacion

The second plantation of Vulcan is 13.7 hectares in size, and offers a variety of varieties including Geisha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo.

vulcan coffee plantacion

The third plantation of Vulcan is 16.9 hectares in size, and offers a variety of varieties including Catimor, Guatemala Blue & Typica.


Buying Coffee Beans & Drinking Coffee

You are interested in the purchase of green coffee beans, with us you will find the perfect choice for your coffee, depending on the variety and price, so with some coffee in the sum quickly higher amounts come about, a sale through online shop does not really make sense. Therefore, please contact our sales team at or use the contact form.

Pure roasted Arabica varieties at the highest level, however, you will still find in our online shop as usual, all prices are per kilogram and you need a credit card to buy the coffee.

12 years of experience in the market and cultivation, show his results in your cup. There are very few things in life that are perfect “our coffee” is one of those very few things.

Culture has its origins in the way people come together – coffee links, let us combine it to make our world an economically sustainable, for 12 years a successful 100% organic farm.

Press About Us

New sales location in Vienna from November 2018 in Vienna 1010, the successful Vulcan stores reach their potential.

Nueva ubicación de ventas en la Ciudad de Guatemala desde septiembre de 2018 en la Zona 1 cerca de la Av. 7, más información seguirá.

All the plantations are handled with the utmost care with the product and we see, on a glorious product after the harvest down.

Offers you two forms of prices starting from Plantation or from London – location of our sales office for Europe. The latter is the efficient and affordable option for your roasting house within the EU!

27 Old Gloucester Street, London

+44 20 393 600 67

71-75 Shelton Street, London

+44 7447 656 097

1 Calle de Café 12-80, San Miguelito Calhuache

+502 3041 1839

Vulcan welcomes you to one of its 56 coffee shops around the world. Because we like you – with healthy and good coffee

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