The sales offer is aimed at companies, importers and roasters. A sale to private individuals is excluded.

All products of and under the name Vulcan are used to the highest standards, no chemical pesticides or other pesticides are used to keep out pests. Vulcan is faithful to its name giver to the volcano and uses the power of nature to keep pests away from its products – from the point of view of humans.

We also point out that our coffees do not spring from monoculture, they grow between banana, spruce, and other coniferous or deciduous trees.

All photos published on our site were taken by Vulcan, and find the consent of the respective persons. Duplication or copies of the photos are prohibited.

Speciality Coffees
Commercial Coffees

Vulcan is a private stock company listed on the European market in the UK. The task is the brand regulation and the sale of the products in the European as well as global market. Worldwide, 389 contractors and employees ensure that you and your customers enjoy the best coffee in their cups.

We are pleased to welcome you as a customer and may assure you that we endeavor to process your concerns personally, we would be very happy if you no matter if small or large inquiries directed this to our department for sales or directly in the secure online shop ,

They buy the best green coffee beans primarily the latest harvest, according to the motto – who wants old coffee, we want Vulcan.

Our mid-sized plantations are located along the northwest coast of Guatemala near Vulcan. Our larger plantations, however, are in the more subtropical Coban, much rain less sun and a super climate provide a worldwide known coffee yield.

Through the wide range of different plantations from the top two regions relevant to Guatemalan coffee growing, we offer you and our existing customers the best end product offered by the official Guatemalan market.

Depending on the plantation, you will find in our shop system the possibility of purchasing all products that are available for sale under Vulcan.

You can be sure that we honestly grade our coffees and copy their certificates when purchased, our coffees are tested by independent and neutral co-graders and have a higher priority in their certification than if they are tested by company-specific graders.

For us, every coffee is salable, but we distinguish between the specialty coffees and our commercial coffees, the difference is the price. We offer both, of course, a non-binding price request is possible, however, only from a minimum purchase of 16 bags a 60 kg = 1 pallet

Vulcan owns a special import permit which allows Cascara to be imported into the EU, our cacara is 100% organic, so the beans are not splashed. (Principle no chemistry on our coffee)